Gallery by the James - 15th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday, July 15th, the Gallery by the James celebrated their 15th Anniversary!  The Gallery is located in Buchanan, Virginia and I have been a member artist since last July, so it was also my One Year Anniversary!  I am truly blessed as this gallery hosts some amazingly talented artists!  Many of us are offering a 15% discount on our original artwork and prints.  If you want to see our work in person, visiting the Gallery by the James in Buchanan is a great opportunity to do so.  I hope you will stop by over the next two weeks!  The show and sale ends on July 29th.

WFXR Fox Channel 8 stopped by on Sunday.  We were delighted for the television coverage.  I wanted to share with you a link to the video which appeared on the evening news!  To drum up business and visitors, I setup my easel and painted on the sidewalk in 90 degree temperatures!  Yes, not one of my brightest moments, but it did slow down the traffic and I got a few car honks....LOL!  We also had a great turnout on Sunday!  Comments are welcome, so feel free to comment on my blog. 

Here's the link to the WFXR Fox Channel 8 Coverage: 

WFXR Coverage - Gallery by the James