On-Line Ordering System

Recently, I've added an on-line ordering system to my website  www.artworkbycherylmillerlackey.com  I am excited to enter into this new realm of selling and distributing my artwork!  If you are using it for the first time, I want to explain that shipping is assessed using USPS local rates by weight. If you are ordering from further away an adjustment may need to be made to cover shipping charges not assessed at checkout. Also, if you are near and want to pickup, I will be happy to refund the shipping charges to you!  Taxes are paid by me, the artist, and are included in the purchase price for your convenience!  Whether you are interested in purchasing art at this time or not, I hope you will visit my website and give me feedback and share my website with others who may be interested!  I am excited for this new venture and want to thank each of you in advance for your continued support!