Introducing "Still Standing", Acrylic 24 X 30

Recently, Mike and I were traveling on 220S near Fincastle, VA and saw this barn along the side of the road. It was so striking with the field and mountains behind it. Over the last few weeks it has fallen down, but I am glad that I got a photograph of it beforehand. The photograph inspired me to paint it. I really like this one! It’s close to my heart! So many of these old barns are leaving us!

Lackey_Still Standing_Acrylic 24 X 30_9.29.19.jpg

Introducing "Cock-a-Doodle-Do" and "Field of Sunflowers"

I’m introducing two new paintings that I will have on display at the Fincastle Festival on Saturday, September 21st, 2019. “Cock-a-Doodle-Do” and “Field of Sunflowers” are acrylic paintings, 11 X 14 in size. I enjoyed painting both! I hope you enjoy them! I’ll have 8 X 10 prints matted to 11 X 14 available too!

Lackey_Cock-a-doodle-do_Acrylic 11 X 14.jpg
Lackey_Field of Sunflowers_Acrylic 11 X 14.jpg

Introducing the Morgan Farm near Homeplace Restaurant, Catawba

Introducing “Morgan Farm near Homeplace Restaurant, Catawba, Acrylic 16 X 20.

On Father’s Day, Elaine and Eric took Mike and I to dinner at the Homeplace Restaurant in Catawba. Many of you have eaten there and know that the food is simply delicious! Everything is served “home style” and it’s a special treat! The old house and the grounds are beautiful! It was a beautiful sunny day when we were there, so I took some pics of the adjacent barn and stream (you know I am drawn to barns). The resulting photo inspired me to paint it. This is the result.

As a footnote: At one of my shows recently, a lady looked at one of my landscape paintings and said, ”if you hadn’t put cows in it, I would buy it”. This one has no cows although the fields look like a great place for them!

Lackey_Morgan Farm near Homeplace Restaurant - Catawba_Acrylic 16 X 20 6.26.19.jpg

Introducing "Daisy's Cousin", Acrylic 16 X 20

Introducing my newest cow painting, “Daisy’s Cousin”, an original acrylic painting, 16 X 20. Since I sold “Daisy” at my last show at the Berglund Center in Roanoke, VA, I felt I needed to add another holstein to my collection! I hope you like her! If you are interested in purchasing the original or a print please let me know. Thanks for continuing to support and follow my art!

Lackey_Daisy's Cousin_Acrylic 16 X 20_5.18.19.jpg

New Paintings

Hello Everyone, I am excited to share a few new spring paintings. As many of you know, I am a member artist at the Gallery By The James in Buchanan, Virginia. The theme for the month of May in the Gallery will be “May flowers”. While I don’t usually paint flowers, I’ve included two new paintings here, so that I will have something to include in our exhibit of “May Flowers”. I love hydrangeas and geraniums. These are two of my favorites because of the wonderful color. I am also including a new painting titled: “Gone Fishin’”. For a while now, Ive been wanting to paint a father and son fishing together. As a kid, I remember lots of fishing trips with my dad. I still think its one of the best things a parent can do for their kids….”teach them how to fish”.


Early Spring, Acrylic 16 X 20

This past weekend we were at Hungry Mother Park and I took some photographs of some old barns along the road leading to the park. This painting is based on one of those photos. I love it when Spring is right around the corner…..the grass begins to green, but the leaves are not yet on the trees. I hope you will enjoy this one! I took the liberty to use spring colors to showcase the barns and out buildings although these colors appeared in the photo too!

Lackey_Early Spring_Acrylic 16 X 20.jpg

Introducing Floyd Country Store - Friday Night Jamboree, Acrylic 16 X 20

I will be a guest artist at The Floyd Gallery July and August, so I want to showcase a painting uniquely “Floyd”! What could be better than a painting of the Floyd Country Store stage in action! I love bluegrass music! Some of you know that I play a little mandolin….I’m dedicating this one to my teacher, Johnnie Haskins, who I greatly miss! Johnnie was a great, great fiddle player!

Lackey_Floyd Country Store_Acrylic 16 X 20.jpg

Introducing, "3-1-7-4", Acrylic 16 X 20

Introducing “3-1-7-4”, Acrylic 16 X 20. This painting is based on a photo that was taken of our Elly (She’s number 4) when she was much younger playing girl’s softball. Elly and Josey have always played and they are both quite good! When I first saw this photograph, I knew it would make a great painting! I hope I’ve done it justice and that everyone (including the parents of these girls) will like it!

Lackey_3-1-7-4_ Acrylic 16 X 20.jpg

Duck on a Pond, Acrylic, 18 X 24

Hello Friends: Last summer I took my grandchildren to Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton, VA. We always visit the duck pond when we are there. I took a photograph of one of the ducks swimming in the pond and was drawn to the highlights on the water and the bright reflection, as it was a bright and sunny day! We had a great time feeding the ducks and I’ve enjoyed trying to capture that duck swimming on the pond! I hope you will enjoy my painting! This one will always remind me of that beautiful sunny day with the grandchildren… Sam, Eli, Jana and Joby! They are a treasure!


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